liz guerra headshotBorn in New York City, Elizabeth Guerra grew up with a family from varying ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. Her father was born in Puerto Rico, as was her paternal grandmother, who was an Espiritista (Spiritualist) specializing in exorcisms. Her maternal grandmother emigrated to the U.S. from Barbados as a child during the early part of the twentieth century, and her family was very much involved in the Spiritualist movement of the post-Victorian era. Her family’s experiences on both sides exposed Elizabeth to the occult sciences from a very early age.

Spiritually, in 1989, Ms. Guerra discovered Wicca and was initiated into both a traditional group and an eclectic group. In 2000, she received her Third Degree Initiation from Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. Over the years, she has written many articles in local periodicals, has appeared on radio, a local news program, and has been interviewed in two documentaries. Today, Elizabeth does not follow any one particular path but considers herself to be a spiritual person.  Her interests lie mainly in studying Irish Pagan and archeological history with an emphasis on the Goddess Brighid who later became St. Brigid.  Elizabeth conducts sacred site tours to Ireland each year (

Professionally, Ms. Guerra holds a degree in Human Services from Springfield College and is certified in addiction counseling. She is employed as the Northeast Senior Marketing Representative for a well known alcohol and drug treatment center. She currently resides in New England. Stewart Farrar: Writer On A Broomstick is Ms. Guerra’s first literary endeavor.